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Donator island is an island that is only accessible by donators you can get there by selecting your Roatpkz menu and selecting donator teleport.

This island contains various different monsters that can drop all PKP items. Below you will find a list of every single item dropped by donator monsters.

  1. Super combat potion
  2. Barrelchest anchor
  3. Dragon claws
  4. Status armor
  5. Zuriels armor
  6. Morrigans armor
  7. Staff of the dead
  8. Vesta's spear
  9. Dragonfire shield
  10. Berserker ring (i)
  11. Seers ring (i)
  12. Archers ring (i)
  13. Warrior ring (i)
  14. Blessed spirit shield
  15. Spirit shield
  16. Mage's book
  17. Master wand
  18. Vesta's longsword
  19. Zuriels staff
  20. Fighter torso
  21. Fighter hat
  22. Fire cape
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