Looking to donate to RoatPkz? You have come to the right place!

There are two ways you can get to the page, either type ::donate ingame or click here.

You can also buy donator and super donator tickets ingame to get their benefits, instead of paying with real money.

You can donate for the following:

Donator Status

Upon purchasing Donator Status you will obtain the ability to wear Donator only items. You will also have access to the Donator Zone. home to monsters that drop valuable PKP items. There are a great number of other features for donators, such as the yell command. Donators also receive 30 donator points free of charge.Price : $9.95

Super Donator Status

Upon purchasing Super Donator Status you will obtain all the exclusive benefits that regular donators have. You also be given the ability to use the bank command. Super donators also recieve 100 donator points free of charge.Price : $29.95

Huge Package


Click to find out what you can receive from a huge package.

Price : $14.95

Rare Package


Click to see what you can get from a Rare package.

Price : $4.95

Party Package


Click to see what's inside a party package!

Price : $4.95

H'ween Package

Hween pack

Click to find out what's inside a H'ween package!

Price : $4.95

Pking Package


Click to find out what's inside a pk package!

Price : $0.95

Donator Points

Price : $9.95

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