Hello fellow members of the RoatPkz community. The members of the RoatPkz Staff Team would appreciate constructive criticism, preferably in-depth, as well as opinions on their contributions as a member of the staff team from the player's perspective. This will be a monthly announcement topic in order to stay up to date.

Please ensure that you are being honest in your input, as this is to help the staff team provide better service and assistance to the members of the RoatPkz community.

The current staff team list, as well as their user profiles, are listed below for convenience. 

Developer(s) N/A

Global Admin(s) Yoobs

Administrator(s) Legend

Site Manager(s) N/A

Global Moderator(s) Ungrateful

Forum Moderator(s) Zoradz

Player Moderator(s) N/A

Server Support Bride Chucky

Please note that all feedback should be honest and constructive criticism. All negative and inappropriate comments such as trolling, spam, or unnecessary flame, will be removed without hesitation.

Suggestions for current staff members, and even suggestions for potentially new staff members are welcome, but must have valid, well explained reasons alongside the suggestion.

~RoatPkz Staff Team


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