High Risk Fights

High Risk Fights Is a Pking style. You and your Opponent are risking certain amount of money, and this is not something like "Risking Vls", It's that you and your opponent are risking atleast 1k Risk.

How to get started

1. To get started, you need to be a donator, because you are going to use ::Yell command to ask people if they want to fight you. (You can also ask someone else to Yell for you).

High Risking Yell

2. Now you both must trade, and show your risk. (Optionally, you can get a staff member to middleman the risk fight by giving him the money and then he gives the winner the reward)

3. Fine? You can start Fighting. Remember that you should always record your fights.


Most of High Risk Fights have common rules, such as no teleporting, No safing or no use of certain weapons such as Armady Godsword.

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