The Al-Kharid Duel Arena is a place where players can go to engage in one-to-one-combat, either for fun or for a prize. Dueling for prizes is called staking. This is an addictive mini game if players are not careful. It is recommended to only stake in small increments and never stake items or gold that you are not willing to lose.


There are many rules in which you can toggle to change the fight, the following are shown once you're in the challenge screen:

  • No Ranged - No range weaponry can be used in this fight.
  • No Melee - No melee fighting can occur in this fight.
  • No Magic - No magic spells can be casted in this fight.
  • No Special Attack - No special attacks can be used in this fight.
  • No Switching - No switching weapons during this fight.
  • No Forfeit - No forfeiting during this fight.
  • No Drinks - No drinking during the fight.
  • No Food - No food can be eaten during this fight
  • No Prayer - No prayers can be used during this fight.
  • No Movement - You can not move during this fight.
  • Obstacles - Obstacles can be toggled on/off.

How To Fight

To send a challenge request to a player, you need to right click their name and "Challenge" as followed.

Once the other person accepts the challenge request (vice versa), you'll be put into the first challenge screen where you decide what rules you want for the fight. Once you've both agreed to the rules and have both accepted, you'll be put into a second screen where you can double check what rules you've set for each other - people can sometimes try and scam you so be sure to check the rules before going into the match.

Once you've both agreed on the rules and have both accepted the second screen, whether or not you've toggled obstacles you'll be placed in an arena.

If you're to win/lose, a message will appear in your public chatbox.

How To Get There

You can teleport to the duel arena typing ::duel or use the portal at home!

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