When you open the Rare package you get one item. The Package will contain a random item from the list below.

Possible Rewards

Purple Partyhat Purple Partyhat
Yellow Partyhat Yellow Partyhat
Green Partyhat Green Partyhat
Red Partyhat Red Partyhat
Blue Partyhat Blue Partyhat
White Partyhat White Partyhat
Santa Hat Santa Hat
Red H'ween Mask Red H'ween Mask
Green H'ween Mask Green H'ween Mask
Blue H'ween Mask Blue H'ween Mask
Black H'ween Mask Black H'ween Mask
Black Partyhat Black Partyhat
Angel Cape Angel Cape
Deadly Slayer Cape Deadly Slayer Cape
Wings Of Life Wings Of Life
Death Wings Of Anarchy Death Wings Of Anarchy
Wings Of Saradomin Wings Of Saradomin
Angel Wings Angel Wings
Flying Ring Flying Ring
RoatPkz Pickaxe RoatPkz Pickaxe
RoatPkz Axe RoatPkz Axe
Black Dragon Mask Black Dragon Mask
Pet Monkey Pet Monkey
Dildo Dildo
Rare Package
Tradable? Yes
Equipable? No
Store Price 50 Donator Points or $4,95
Degradable? No
Examine Huge Package
Dropped by? None
Stackable? No
ID? 15293
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