The RoatPkz history is a very interesting topic to talk about. The server has been online since late 2010. I will not be able to cover everything on this page, because there is simply too much to talk about, but surely will be emphasizing on the main events during the RoatPkz History. 


During the start of RoatPkz there were many dupes that resided in the game, which effected the economy of RoatPkz until its last day; however, not many were told on how they were done. A few that occured was the ::brid command wich gave you a set with fighters torso and santa hat, Gretar decided to remove the santa's that were not legit, people wich had over 10 santa's kept it as 'i' kept mine, Gretar only removed it from people with 1-5 santas as i think. This effected the prices of santa hats. Also in 2014 a duping community called Rspunit have found a dupe, The RoatPkz community didn't believe them so they decided to fuck the server and give out tons of rares. Some mintutes later Gretar shut down the server for some mintutes and disabled Trading and Duelling. After that the dupe was fixxed and Gretar made a poll for the community to choose one of these options: Eco Reset, 3 days rollback, Remove the white PartyHats.The RoatPkz community decided to do a eco reset. This got many people to quit.

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