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Roat Pkz Updates!

Armadyl Godsword now costs 5,000 Pk Points (1/1000 drop vs Chaos Ele). NPC kill count has been implemented in-game (counting since 5th July 2015). A new 1x1 Altar has been added to ::brid and Donator zone. You can now restore your health and remove poison at the Prayer Altar. Phoenix necklace now works properly. Chaotic Staff has been removed. Super Rare drops such as Divine are now (1/1000) instead of (1/750)

New Donator Features

Restore Special attack at Prayer Altar (2 min cool down for Super Donators, 10 for Normal). Drop rates is increased by 25% for Super Donators, 10% for Normal. Teleblock automatically disappears for Super Donators once you’re in a safe zone.

Bug Fixes

Tiaras, Decorative armor and Ghostly cloaks now go into correct slot. NPC’s health bar no longer re-fills but shows correct amount. Chaos elemental no longer teleports you to walls or ditches. Black Demons have been removed from the wilderness. Easter eggs have been removed from drop tables. Commands now work with only one colon ( : ). ::topic and ::prices have been fixed/updated. Chaos elemental has been nerfed a bit. XP counter now works against NPC’s. Granite maul now specs instantly.

PKP Items

There has been a lot of confusion with the way items have ticket value and pkp value for example tentacle whip is worth 35-45k pkp and 3-4k pkp in tickets. From now on we suggest players sell items in there pkp value not ticket value to avoid confusion among the community. We will be regularly updating the price guide and recommend the community follow those prices.

EDIT: Please note that we only removed the Chaotic staff not all chaotic items, it's also unlikely all of them will be removed unless we have new donator benefits that are significantly better and items to make up for it.


Roat Pkz Team

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